Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Welcome to the Transplanted Cubs Fan Blog

Everybody has a blog these days, so what makes mine different. Well probably nothing. But after suffering the last seven years in Los Angeles without another Cubs fan to talk to(The AngelFan Wife Does Her Best) I felt a need to create something for me to do that. Thus "Transplanted Cubs Fan" has been born.

To say the least I'm a Cub fanatic, born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago (Schiller Park at first and then moved to Des Plaines when I was 8). My summers were kind of boring, no summer camp, not a lot of neighborhood kids to play with and no cable TV. So what was there to watch other than "The Great Space Coaster"? Well WGN, the Cubs and the occassionally drunken tirades of Harry Caray...good times!!! (I do remember liking the White Sox for a bit, some of that had to do with '83, some had to do with my Dad liking the team more than the Cubs, some had to do with they had fireworks at their park...little did I know at the time). But 1984 hit, Ryno, the Penguin, the big trade for Sutcliffe, Harry singing that ridiculous J-O-D-Y Davis song.....did I mention good times yet? And I was hooked, maybe cursed, who knows? Now my daily mood swings are tied very much into what the Cubs do every day (The AngelFan Wife loves this about me...really ask her).

So what can you expect from this blog? Well updates on Cubs player movement, scores and all that can be found anywhere on the net, so of course you'll be getting analysis of all that stuff. I'm sort of a stathead, but I'm not a slave to the stat. You'll all learn what I mean by that soon enough.I'm not a big fan of doing research and well there are others who will do a much better job than me like The Cub Reporter or Baseball Musings. I'll write up my philosophy soon enough.

Well here it goes...hope everyone enjoys.


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