Tuesday, July 13, 2004

All-Star Game

The midsummer classic.....not so much this year. I know Clemens is one of the greats and all but I haven't liked him since he left Boston and I didn't like him too much there either. Great pitcher....arrogant bastard.....only root for him if he's on my team. (If you substitute 'pitcher' with 'athlete' or 'player'...the preceding statement also describes such players as Dennis Rodman, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, Barry Bonds, etc.) So anyway I was glad he got bombed. If the Cubs make the World Series this year we can blame him when Game 7 is at Yankee Stadium and the Cub faithful are being pelted by beer caps and potentially larger objects and even larger cuss words.

I didn't watch much else of the game, just a little bit here and there. When I was growing up, the All-Star game was rather momentous and it was a major thrill to see the Cubs players doing well. Although I vaguely remember Ryne Sandberg almost never doing well.

Tonight Sammy had a broken bat RBI single and a groundout, I didn't see what Alou did but apparently he got a hit and Zambrano would have had a scoreless inning if Patterson was playing center instead of Berkman. For those who say they should eliminate the rule that all teams should be represented, you're fools. The biggest thrill of almost every All-Star is watching how your player does against the best, so hope they keep it. The home field thing was a 2 year experiment and it's almost as arbitrary as alternating home field every year, so either way I don't care. Interleague has definitely dampened the All-Star experience along with many other factors I'm sure, but you know what it's still baseball. Unlike the other All-Star games which play some sort of "Kids glove" version of their sport at their All-Star games, baseball is still pretty much the same. Bullpen usage patterns and lineup changes are obviously different, but the game is basically the same as a regular season game.

Well anyway tomorrow is the worst day of the summer every year. No scores, everyone takes the day off meaning very little player movement, no fantasy stats to check...time to catch a movie and hopefully some Laker news will permeate the sports coverage tomorrow. (ESPN will make up Laker news even if there isn't any).

2nd half...wildcard here we come.


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