Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Nomar to the Cubs? I don't think so

There's a rumor flying that the Cubs will get Nomar from the BoSox for prospects to Arizona who will ship the Big Unit to the Bosox. Rumors are fun...I love rumors...this one would surprise me though.

Any upgrade at short would be nice, but if Dusty has any say on it I don't think you'll be seeing Nomar. He does seem to like the defense at short which is apparently why Rey Ordonez still sees playing time(although butchering easy plays & then making great plays is hardly good defense). And Jim Hendry doesn't seem to like making the half season rental trade unless it doesn't cost him much. So unless Nomar is willing to sign an extension, I would be surprised. My assumption is they see how Gonzalez does when he comes back and maybe a deadline deal for Cabrera or Vizquel if Gonzo struggles.

More than likely the only move I expect to see is a deal for a reliever. A lot of people are saying trade Patterson and try to get Beltran as well. I don't see that happening either. The Astros by firing Williams today still believe they can make a run and honestly giving up on a 24 year old who has drastically improved over the last month is silly. Once again I go back to the don't expect half season rental trades unless they come cheap. I could be wrong but that's my belief on Hendry's philosophy.

But let the rumors fly.


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