Thursday, July 15, 2004

Lineup constuction

Read this at which took it from Arlington Daily Herald:

If the Cubs continue to have trouble scoring runs, manager Dusty Baker could be forced to retool his lineup by putting Todd Walker, Michael Barrett, and Aramis Ramirez in the top three spots.

Moises Alou could be bumped down to the sixth spot, as he's hit just .201 since the start of June. And at this point of his career, Sammy Sosa is much better suited for cleanup duties than hitting third. Jul. 15 - 8:17 am et

Uh, what? Sammy is better suited for cleanup duties rather than 3rd compared to A. Ramirez. Doubt it matters much but I'd rather have the guy who walks a bit more in front of the guy who's raking the ball. Right now they are having very similar years and here are they're lines right now along with the rest of the regulars:

S. Sosa .279/.372/.567
A. Ramirez .326/.374/.550

D. Lee .304/.375/.516
M. Alou .276/.330/.506
C. Patterson .274/.329/.443
M. Barrett .291/.342/.492
T. Walker .283/.367/.496
M. Grudzielanak .286/.342/.357 (small sample size)

Whoever plays SS bats 8th.

My lineup would be:
T. Walker/Grudz
D. Lee
S. Sosa
A. Ramirez
M. Alou
M. Barrett
C. Patterson

I like having the guys who don't mind walking Walker/Sosa/Lee in front of the guys who are hit first Ramirez/Alou/Barrett/Patterson. Why? RBI's (which actually matter) tend to happen when you hit the ball not when you take a walk, hence Ramirez''s gaudy numbers this year. That being said the Cubs offense has just been in a funk lately, I think it will come out soon.


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