Friday, July 16, 2004

Poor Clement

Another game, more run support issues for poor old Clement. He brought in his own run as well or it could have been worse. I guess the Cubs are missing A. Ramirez quite a bit & the weak bench minus Hollandsworth. Sosa's 0-8 does not bode well either. And Sheets pitches tomorrow so I assume runs will be a problem for at least another game.

I listened to the game over MLB radio as it wasn't on WGN. I chose the Milwaukee broadcast as listening to Uecker is always a joy. For those who haven't ever heard him and have the capabilities, try listening to him as he does the game mostly himself(some guy occasionally pops in, but he's not the color guy) much like Vin Scully and there's a reason he's in the Hall of Fame for it.

I love watching the games on TV, but the romance of a radio call is still quite enjoyable especially when someone as good as Uecker (or Scully) are painting the pictures. I love Pat & Ron and all but they're big-time homers which isn't a horrible thing but Ron's primordial screams can get a little much at times. I'm not bashing him...wouldn't dare especially with the "This Old Cub" sentiment going around, I'm just saying if you get a chance, click on another team's radio call and you may discover a great thing.


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