Thursday, July 15, 2004

Baseball is back

The last 3 days suck every least that Laker trade finally went down & Kobe signed. (I live in L.A. and work amongst a group of Laker fans). Hopefully they'll go back to baseball on ESPN.

Anyway Cubs vs. Brewers for 4. I have never been to one of these games yet (I was supposed to go for my bachelor party 3 years ago, flew back to Chicago and everything, but the game got rained was still fun though). I do remember going to some Brewers/White Sox games when I went to school at Marquette. Now those were fun....drunken bafoonry, things flying around the bleachers, fights in the stands, fun for the whole family. So if anyone cares to let me know if the games are as raudy as that I'd appreciate a line.

So I'm still trying to figure out how to handle upcoming series, for now all I have to say is Play Ball & stay healthy Cubs!!!

And who can we pay so that Sheets gets lost coming to the park or possibly has an unfortunate accident involving the L-train? Any takers?


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