Thursday, August 12, 2004


Well not the way we wanted that series to go was it.....

After all is said though, you can only blame one person and it was 2nd base umpire Bruce Froemming. At least he admitted to blowing the call. If you happened to miss it, on a hit and run, R. Aurilia smacked a ball up the middle that hit the mound and veered to the left of Grudz who was going to cover the bag. As he fell down he caught the ball and then flipped it from his back to Garciaparra who then had to avoid T. Long who was the guy stealing and Grudz who was lying on the ground and airmailed the ball into the stands behind 1st base. Aurilia went to 2nd and Long scored on the play. The problem was that Garciaparra was clearly ON the bag when he caught the ball so Long should have been out. Aurilia later scored with 2 outs and Froemming after the game admitted he blew it. IT DOESN'T MAKE ME FEEL ANY BETTER. We of course go on to lose in extra innings and now are only 1 up on the Padres with the super hot Dodgers coming to town. Although the box score will never say it, that was 2 unearned runs against the Cubs and Leicester. Horse S***!!!

The Dusty magic needs to make an appearance tomorrow and we need to forget about this game, immediately, cause it should have been a WIN!!!!


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