Monday, August 02, 2004

What Did I Miss?

Well let's see, perusing the Cubs news over the last week...

Called up R. Dempster and sent down T. Wellemeyer (maybe that will help the bullpen)

Hollandsworth seems to be getting better and should be back within the next couple of weeks (Bench needs him badly)

OH YEAH, we got Nomar Garciaparra for some minor league scrubs. Apparently Jim Hendry has read "Moneyball" and has liked the idea of the "holy S***" trade (or something like that, I forgot the exact terminology).

To say the least that was impressive, of course I was proven at least half wrong. I really didn't think they go after Garciaparra because A)it would cost too much and B)well he's not that good defensively, well he didn't cost too much but he's still not that good defensively. Honestly who cares, the glaring hole in our lineup is gone, it has to give the team a huge morale boost, and we gave up a guy who may be a really good reliever (F. Beltran), another guy who may be a everyday 2nd or 3rd baseman, but probably never an All-Star(B. Harris) and a 19 year old lefty who sounds good but is experiencing arm problems already. Plus we got an outfielder in Matt Murton who has some nice stats in A ball. Way to go Hendry, now go get some bullpen help cause Dempster isn't the answer.

I know a lot of people are high on Dempster and think he may be able to replace Clement next season in the rotation, but if you look at his career numbers there, um, how to put this gently. UGLY!!!

He had one great half season in 2000, but his career ERA is over 5.00 and sure he strikes out a lot of people but he walks an alarming rate, not to mention gives up a ton of HR's and that's with formerly pitching half his games in pitcher friendly Pro Player Stadium. And the tendency after Tommy John surgery is that your control takes the longest to get back and well he hasn't had a lot of that to start with.

That being said, what an amazing trade, potential Hall of Fame rental for 2 months and they gave up very little. That's the way to do it.

I won't talk about the other big MLB trades other than to say, obviously the White Sox realize there season is over without M. Ordonez and F. Thomas and the Dodgers sure didn't seem to make trades for a team that is ahead in the West and looking to make the playoffs. Penny is a good pickup, Choi I still love and think he'll be a superstar ONE DAY, and well Finley is old and moving from a hitter friendly park to a pitcher friendly park and has batted somehting like .184 since the All-Star break. Wacky moves but maybe Depodesta knows something we don't, cause that was a steep price to pay. I think in the long-run they'll be good trades but not the moves you make when your 2-3 games up in the division.


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