Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I'm not happy


(Door knock)

"What?" - (Disgruntled Cubs locker room)

(Clubhouse attendant opens door)

"Thought you'd might like these back" - (Cardinals messenger hands over a sack)

"What's this?" - (Cubs clubhouse attendant)

"Thought you'd like you your cajones back for the rest of the year...enjoy the wild card race along with the other 8 teams" - (Cardinals messenger as contingency of Cardinals players laugh in background)

To say the least we got it handed to us in Wrigley, I can't think of anything more embarrassing. As I mentioned the Cards have the "magic" going for them this year, today's magic was conjured up by the A. Pujols and his 3 freakin' HR's. The only saving grace was that it happened in July and we still have a chance to recover rather than the Cards meltdown in Wrigley last year in September. Not sure why Hawkins was so upset, I didn't watch much of the 9th especially after Pujols' 3rd of the day. I assume he felt he was being squeezed by the ump or maybe the ump gave up those 2 HR's. I tuned back in to see the Cubs load them up in the 9th and pitifully fly out to our new arch-enemy Edmonds.

Well let's hope Dusty gets the team refocused by tomorrow and expect some bullpen help via the trade VERY, VERY SOON!!


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