Monday, July 19, 2004

'Bout as big as they get in July

Okay it's a big series for us if not the Cardinals. The Cardinals don't seem to want to lose lately and the bigger the hole gets the harder it will be particularly with no more games left against the Cardinals. Although no official word yet at least at but Rusch is listed as the probable on for tomorrow and he has not fared well against the Cards this year in 3 starts(plus one relief appearance):

5.31 ERA, 20.1 IP. 3 HR (1 less HR than he's given up to everyone else this year) .259 BA

The silver lining: He has a 2.40 ERA in day games compared to a 4.11 ERA in night games & 2.91 ERA at Wrigley this year(overall), compared to 11.12 ERA at Busch.

He had one good outing against them at home on May 22nd (7 IP, 1 ER), and a respectable at home one on June 7th (7 IP, 4 ER).

The weekend should have gone better especially since we beat Sheets on Saturday, but vintage Maddux on Saturday sure would have been fun to watch, although listening to it was just as fun. Here's Maddux line in the 2nd half last year compared to the 1st half:

2003 2nd half:
9-3, 3.03 ERA, 7 HR, 11/48 K/BB 92 IP

2003 1st half
7-8 4.63 ERA, 17 HR, 22/76 K/BB, 126.1 IP

His career stats don't show the same anomaly between 1st and 2nd half, but here's hoping for a big time 2nd half from Maddux as it would be just as good as a big trade.

I missed most of Sunday's game but it appears that Wood is at near the top of his game already.

We'll see if Dusty has the magic going for him this year starting tonight. GO CUBS!!!


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