Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Wavin' Wendall Sends Cubs Home With a Loss

I crave to write headlines for ESPN.com one day.

We'll get to the Crazy 'Z' in a minute. Yesterday was a game of wasted opportunities, it started in the 1st when Sammy tapped a ball to the mound after Patterson aggressively took 3rd on the Lankford bobble and it got ugly from there on out. Now I didn't see all the replays but I'm going to blame Wendall Kim AGAIN on sending Ramirez home on that blooper from Barrett with NOBODY out. Yes 1st & 3rd no outs OR take a chance and get thrown out at home. Freakin' brilliant!!! There is the chance that Ramirez went through the sign and I'm all for being aggressive, but there's aggresive smart and aggresive stupid. Patterson trying to take 3rd with one out is aggresive smart (with the play in front of him no less), Ramirez trying to go home with nobody out...aggresive stupid. I believe that's the 2nd time this season Kim has sent a runner home against the Cards and had them thrown out, the other was in St. Louis on a blooper to Edmonds who nailed somebody by a mile.

And then there is Crazy 'Z'. At least he brings entertainment value to the mound. It was the kind of baseball you can't just help but enjoy. Plunks Edmonds the 1st time, who comes back and takes him deep and stops to admire it. Crazy 'Z' takes exception to the watching and lets Edmonds know it. Benches clear. Edmonds comes up a 3rd time and 'Z' brings the serious heat and gets him on 3 pitches & then lets Edmonds know all about it. After'Z' gives up the game winning homer, what the hell I'm not lasting much longer anyway, might as well hit Edmonds again. Too bad they won't face each other again this year unless it's in the playoffs. I expect a suspension for Zambrano for 5 games.

Morris is pitching tomorrow and if there isn't a warning before the game expect one of the Cubs sluggers to get nailed tomorrow. But here's the difference and why I HATE M. Morris & LaRussa. He'll aim for the head or hands, while 'Z' hit Edmonds square in the ribs & there is a big difference!!! If you're gonna hit a guy, hit him in the ribs or lower, when you start head-hunting, your what amounts to a piece of s***. I have no problem with throwing at guys, it's just a part of the game, but just nail him in the back & move on.

Tomorrow should be fun and a long one, as I'm sure the benches wil clear a few times. Well a Cub loss should just about put all hopes for a division crown to rest.


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