Thursday, August 05, 2004

3rd base dilemma

Probably a little early to discuss what the Cubs should be doing for next year but I've been a little surprised that Hendry has not tried to sign Ramirez yet to an extension. Of course I don't have all the facts here other than Ramirez will be a free agent this offseason and well there's no reason not to sign him. He's young (26 supposedly), has enjoyed a year and a half of great baseball since joining the Cubs, and has vastly improved his defense this year. I suppose he may want to test the market, but I would do everything to not let him.

Looking through the league, there are maybe 5 third basemen I'd take over Ramirez.

A. Rodriguez

Well none of those guys are available, so who is or could be that are pretty good:


Mora has made some crazy deal with the devil and exploded the last 2 years despite being 32(very rare for a guy to enjoy his best years in his early 30's). I don't know his contract status but when you're the Orioles I'm imagining anybody not named Tejada is available. I don't want to talk about the nutcase that is Beltre. I know he's a free agent this year and putting up some crazy numbers at Chavez Ravine and definitely a better defensive player than Ramirez, but I wouldn't touch him. #1) The guy is certfiably flaky, over the last 3 years he seems to only produce when he needs to (either the Dodgers bring in someone to compete with him like Ventura or it's his contract year). That leaves us with Glaus, who I actually would prefer over Ramirez, he's definitely a better hitter, a little better with the glove, and has just turned 28 legitimately. When healthy I honestly believe only A-Rod, Rolen and maybe Chavez and Blalock are better. He's been injured most of the year which means you may be able to get him a little cheaper than he's worth and then still be able to sign Garciaparra and a M. Ordonez next year (a boy can dream right?).

That all being said, nobody knows what Glaus' plans are next year. He is a native Californian and went to college there. The Angels want to slim their payroll next year and have a 3B stud in Dallas McPherson waiting. That leaves L.A, San Diego, Oakland and San Francisco. Padres and A's are set at 3B, I don't know what Alfonzo's contract is but for some reason I don't see him going up there. He is on the other hand, the exact type player that DePodesta and the Dodgers want, power and patience. If I was a betting man, I'd lay odds on him ending up in L.A. and some sucker taking Beltre (hopefully not the Cubs).

So Hendry, go find Ramirez's agents number and hammer out a deal. He's going to end up being worth it.


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