Thursday, August 05, 2004

That's what I'm talking about

Cubs are now 4-0 with Nomar, this is good, not that he's played all that spectacularly and well it was 3 games vs. the Rockies, I believe the first below .500 team we've played in 50 games.

It wasn't the runfest that we were all expecting, but the wins were nice. Prior looked like the Prior of last year with great control and overwhelming stuff. The bats wake up near the end again and we get the sweep we need. Now off for 3 in San Francisco where Maddux goes for 300 wins again unfortunately against J. Schmidt.

Patterson continues to enjoy Coors Field along with leading off and shows off some bunting skills, plus he took a walk. I am beginning to seriously worry about Sosa, he still hits HR, but is not the consistent on base guy he's been in the past and he's been back long enough to not blame it on injuries.

Last night's game was vintage Coors Field where neither bullpen could do anything mainly in the forms of Farnsworth and Chacon.

I'll write a little on SBC park and of course how to deal with Mr. Bonds tomorrow.


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