Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Nice to win one of those

This time it's Maddux's turn to be screwed by the bullpen instead of Clement which is a shame. Not sure why Maddux took himself out of this one as he looked to be on cruise control, maybe it was Baker's decision, but I doubt it. Patterson should get the win instead of Hawkins, but I guess it doesn't work that way. The Cubs sweep a team that should have been swept and even better we destroyed them which makes it all the better. I love the laughers.

So that's what now? 7 of 8, and very well could have been 8 of 8. Maybe we will run away with the wild card after all, that would be nice. Padres, Giants & even the Dodgers will get to beat up on each other a little bit next month (unfortunately they get Colorado & Arizona to make them feel better in between, here's hoping The Big Unit pitches against all of them). We do have the lead in the all important loss column (at least they say it's more important whoever "THEY" are). The theory is that you control your own fate that way, but, let's face it, that's COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS!!!! It's MUCH, MUCH, easier to lose a game than a win game...(read that again if you have to). How many games your up or down in the standings, is what matters, whether it's losses or win, that you're ahead or behind in, really doesn't matter. Right now the Cubs are 70-56, while San Fran (if they win tonight) are 70-58. So the "EXPERTS" will say the Cubs have the advantage as they control their own destiny by winning. Well there's 36 games left and their not winning all of them, they're a game up, win column, loss column, however you want to put up.

Alou has been smokin' of late and good things coming from Sosa as well. If/When Hollandsworth returns, I hope Walker gets a few more starts at 2B and occassionally LF. Grudz has been great of late, but I think Walker has been a little greater. Either way you can't go wrong.

The Astros come in for their last 4 against us this year and hopefully we can continue to beat up on them. I do believe we'll get Oswalt and Clemens in the series at some point. Ahh...whatever...our guys are better.


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