Wednesday, August 18, 2004

It's gets more annoying everyday....

There are many reasons the Cubs aren't doing well and they have plenty of time to right the ship, but as I mentioned yesterday it really shouldn't go down like this. They should cruise to the wild card by this point, but it looks like it will be a nail biter, let's hope the breaks go our way and the umps stop costing us runs. Last night, with runners on 1st and 3rd and one out, the Brewers flew out to center and the guy on first strayed too far and Patterson gunned him out, but the ump blew the call and the runner from 3rd scored. My understanding of the rules is that even if the guy crossed home before he was out at first, it wouldn't have counted. That being said, 2 errors that inning is why those guys were on base and later in the game L. Overbay inexplicably didn't tag up with the bases loaded after C. Counsell flew rather deeply to center, basically giving us that run back. Umps didn't cost us the game last night, but it's still frustrating to watch.

Tonight Clement gets the start....take a guess who's starting for the Brewers, one guess, go ahead...I'll give you a second....

Of course it's B. Sheets of the 2.74 ERA and insane K/BB ratio, who would be either 1st or 2nd in the Cy Young race with any run support. Who else could it have been? I've looked at the Cubs schedule for the rest of the season and if everybody stays in their rotation spots (which probably won't happen with the Wood suspension), the rest of Clement's starts will probably go like this:

Aug 23rd vs. Brewers (B. Sheets)
Aug. 28th vs. Astros (R. Clemens)
Sept. 3rd vs. Marlins (C. Pavano or J. Beckett)
Sept. 8th vs. Expos (P. Martinez circa 1997)
Sept. 14th vs. Pirates (D. Drabek circa 1990-1992 or Oliver Perez)
Sept. 19th vs. Reds (T. Seaver late 70's)
Sept. 25th vs Mets (T. Glavine,A. Leiter, Seaver early 70s)
Sept. 29th vs. Reds (J. Rijo early 90s)

After each game Clement gets splashed with a puddle from a passing car while standing in the rain waiting for the team bus.

In good news for the Cubs, the lack of run support and tough matchups will give them ammunition in the inevitable arbitration case against Clement this offseason and later they can post it on their website how they defeated him. (For those you haven't heard about this. E. Gagne went to arbitration this offseason, lost and then the Dodgers had an article on their website about the person who helped them defeat Gagne in arbitration, I assume by pointing out how overvalued closers are) Classy!!!! From what I've heard, Gagne has sworn not to resign with the Dodgers when his contract is up. Could be media hype but you can't blame the guy for being upset. Hope it's true, cause I'll take him. I agree with closers being overvalued, but if they can pitch more than one inning occasionally and completely dominant as well, they are worth it. Other than Gagne, I'd only want Rivera, maybe Hoffman, possibly Foulke, and most definitely F. Rodriguez.

Start kicking ass Cubs, it's getting annoying.


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