Friday, August 13, 2004

In how many ways can I say that sucked?

Cubs play 3 games against a potential playoff opponent and lay a big egg in the 1st one. Impressive start by Maddux but the wind and a complete defense and bullpen collapse in the 9th and the Dodgers continue their surpising winning ways. I assume in about a week, all the talk show call-ins will finally be praising Mr. DePodesta after bashing the guy from the day he was hired. Fruitcakes out here.....

Granted I wasn't a huge fan of the Finley, Choi, Penny for LoDuca, Mota and prospects trade only in the sense that is was a weird deal to make with a team in 1st place (although I did say it would be a good trade for the future). I am not a Yale (or Harvard) graduate and should occassionally not open my big mouth. Unfortunately now I will have to probably live with the flaky Dodgers fan in my office for the next 5-10 years. The only good news is McCourt is their owner and he's going to piss a lot of his players off with his lowball contract offers, smartly though he hired DePodesta to go find cheap talent.

I'd love to post something brilliant and insightful about the Dodgers, but I really can't bring myself up to it. I only hate the Cardinals more. (if you don't understand, live out here with their fans and you will quickly understand....everything you've ever heard about a Dodger fan is probably true especially if it was negative).

Stats wise they've scored 10 less runs than the Cubs this year (539-529), hit 2 points higher (.269 LA/.267 Cubs), have an OBP edge of .337 to .324, but are outslugged by the Cubs .779 to their .769(20 less homers and playing in Dodger Stadium will do that to a team). In terms of pitching the Cubs now have the 2nd best ERA and the Dodgers the 4th, although their K/9 isn't nearly as close as they were last year. Their defense makes up for it, with the best fielding percentage, least amount of errors and 2nd in zone ratings. Like the Cubs(who are 3rd in fielding percentage and have committed the 3rd least amount of errors), their not giving games away on defense (well the Cubs have been lately actually).

Wood gets to start tomorrow as the ruling on his suspension has still not come in and then we'll see if it's the good or bad Prior on Sunday. Good news for Cubs fan is that Kaz Ishii is starting a game on Saturday and he's been horrible.


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