Thursday, October 21, 2004

Wavin Wendell waved home

That's old news...the new news is that Chris Speier is our new 3rd base coach. You can get the full article by clicking on Speier's name there, but here are some quotes from the article I liked.

And the difference between Kim and Speier?

"I don't see much difference at all," said Baker, who was in Arizona watching the Cubs prospects in the Arizona Fall League. "Chris will probably get instant respect because he's played so long in the big leagues."

Read between the lines and you get, "I had absolutely nothing to do with this!"

Then there's Hendry's take:

"It's a tough job, and it's a job based on split-second decisions and knowing your personnel," said Hendry of the third base coach. "A lot of things go into it. Nobody knows except internally on that given day who may be fresh, who has a hamstring problem. You also have to go on knowledge from your scouts."

Read between those lines and you get..."Wendall Kim SUCKED and now we have somebody who's hopefully paying attention."

I still recall the Cards game where Ramirez had just gotten back from his groin issues and Wavin Wendell sent him home on some blooper to RF and he got thrown out by a mile. I'm assuming Hendry is still bitter about it as we all are.

The other amusing thing is that Baker is in Arizona to check out the prospects in the Arizona Fall League, I assume only to let Hendry know that none of them will ever get a chance to play under him.


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