Thursday, September 30, 2004


This is the only way I can cope. I'm going to wax poetic here a bit, so bear with me...

My gut tells me you just don't recover after a loss like that, much like you don't win game seven last year after blowing that lead in game six , but my heart tells me I have to scrape whatever "fandom" I have left and hope and pray it works out somehow. I've been living and dying with this team for 24+ years(since I was 5) and I know many have been doing it longer. But I've seen and gone through worse like Brant Brown's dropped fly ball in 1998, any year that involved Don Baylor as our manager or Ed Lynch as our GM. This year still has a chance to work out. And maybe some people's definition of being a fan is to bitch about everbody and everyone as soon as things don't go the way they think they should. Well with 4 games left I don't see the point, the cavalry isn't coming.

So until it's truly over, I'm going to go root for my team and if they do pull this out, at least I'll know in my heart that I belong there celebrating with them. The time will come after the season to reflect on what needs to be improved, what could have been done better, but right now it's about one thing and one thing only. BELIEVING!!!

It's corny, it's silly, it's even Disneyesque but I don't see any other alternative at the moment. If I don't believe, and you don't believe, I certainly don't expect the Cubs players to believe. This team didn't give up in April when their best pitcher got sent to the DL for 2 months. They didn't give up in May when Wood and Sosa got sent to the DL. They didn't give up in June when they faced a brutal schedule and promptly went 15-13. They didn't give up in July when they had to start penciling Alex Gonzalez's name back in the lineup. They didn't give up in August even though Sosa struck out something like 1000 times with runners on and they won't give up in September despite blowing 2 9th inning leads to crappy teams. So I certainly don't expect them to give up tomorrow. Yeah it's a tough spot, we have to win all 4 games and possibly a tie-breaker, that's fine, whatever it takes. And if they don't do it, yep, I'll be pissed, things will get thrown, my weekend will be ruined. But I'll pick up my cap, dust it off, unearth my Prior jersey and be ready for Opening Day next year. I will never give up on this team, I will always be a Chicago Cubs fan.

Go kick their ass tomorrow Cubbies!!!!


At September 30, 2004 at 6:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just read four other blogs all ranting about the Cubs' performance and swearing up and down that the Cubs will NOT make it to the postseason. I was starting to believe them. Luckily for me, your blog loaded last. And while I agree with a lot of what the others say...

I BELIEVE! I'm rooting on my boys! We've got Prior today and a lineup that can score a lot of runs. I BELIEVE! I am not too worried about the Braves series. We always seem to do better against the better teams. I BELIEVE!

Let's go Cubs!


At September 30, 2004 at 10:44 AM, Blogger RobG said...

Let's go Cubs!3 words we'll always have to remember even in the darkest of times.

Keep the faith.


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