Monday, September 27, 2004


Didn't I mention something about not having a letdown? No reason to recall the horrors of the weekend as we still ended up 8-4 on the road trip and in 1st place of the wild card(focus on the positive, focus on the positive). Our last chance to beat up on some chumps:

Some numbers:
Runs Scored: Cubs -7th, Reds -10th
OBP: Cubs - 11th, Reds -8th
SLG: Cubs -3rd, Reds - 9th
BA: Cubs - 6th, Reds -13th

K/BB: Cubs-2nd, Reds- 12th
ERA: Cubs -3rd, Reds-15th
HR Allowed: Cubs - 5th, Reds - 16th (Worst in league)

Zambrano vs Claussen (5.91 ERA)
Maddux vs. Hancock (5.50 ERA)
Rusch vs. Hudson (2.55 ERA)
Prior vs. Harang(5.03 ERA)

Just keep winnin'.....just keep winnin'.....just keep winnin'

Here's the playoff race update:
Cubs 87-68 (7 games left & 1-2 since last post)
Home(43-32) 7 games left - Reds(4) Braves(3)
Away(44-36) 0 games left
**Note** - Please don't blow this, please don't blow this

Giants 87-69 (6 games left & 1-2 since last post).
Home(47-35) 0 games left -
Away(40-34) 6 games left - Padres(3), Dodgers(3)
**Note** Have to root for the Padres in this series and hope the NL West is close enough that the dodger series is relevant

Astros 86-70 (6 games left & 2-1 since last post).
Home(42-33) 6 games left - Cardinals(3), Rockies(3)
Away(44-37) 0 games left
**Note** "Oswalt is going to battle through injuries for his last 2 starts, Rolen is due back as well.

Padres 85-71 (6 games left & 3-0 since last post).
Home(41-37) 3 games left - Giants(3)
Away(44-33) 3 games left - D'Backs(3)
**Note** Still have to win outright in my opinion to have any chance

Dodgers 89-66 (7 games left & 2-1 since last post)
Home (45-29) 7 games left - Rockies(4), Giants(3)
Away (44-37) 0 games left
**Note** The Rockies can play the ultimate spoiler role this week, Dodgers very much want to go into Giants series clinched already or no worse than a tie.

Cubs control their own destiny(that shoud be good right?), and need at least 3 of 4 from Reds. I was hoping for a Thursday/Friday clinch, I fully expect this to go down to at least Saturday, probably Sunday. 91 wins gets you a tie, 92 should clinch it in my opinion. 6 of 7 will GUARANTEE us a tie, all 7 and we win it outright with no help.

I expect no favors from the Braves other than tinkering their rotation so they're set for the playoffs. I'm pretty sure all their regulars will play because if you're Bobby Cox and the Braves, if you have the CHANCE to knock the Cubs out now rather than later, I'd go for now.