Thursday, September 16, 2004

Great American Ballpark.....

Great name for a stadium......right up there with the former, "The Ballpark" in Arlington....which is now a mortgage company.

Anyway 50% chance of rain in Cincy the next 2 days....more doubleheaders would be very bad. The Giants seem to have taken care of their business with the Brewers as their currently up 4-0 in the bottom of the eight. Their next 15 games are all against good teams though that they've gone 11-18 so far this season against, if that means anything. And they'll probably miss Clemens when they face the Astros but will get the Oswalt, all this after missing Sheets in Milwaukee.

Some numbers:

Runs Scored: Cubs -8th, Reds -10th
OBP: Cubs - 11th, Reds -10th
SLG: Cubs -1st, Reds - 9th
BA: Cubs - 5th, Reds -14th

K/BB: Cubs-3rd, Reds- 12th
ERA: Cubs -3rd, Reds-15th
HR Allowed: Cubs - 6th best, Reds - 16th (Worst in league)

Wood vs. Hancock (5.82 ERA)
Zambrano vs Hudson (2.43 ERA but in 6 games and a 14BB/22K ratio)
Maddux vs. Harang (4.89 ERA)
Clement vs. Hilson...I mean Wilson(4.85 ERA)

Just keep taking care of business


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