Friday, September 10, 2004

You should get on the Internet Baker..

Apparently Baker didn't read my blog, as McKeon once again shows him who's the better manager. The Marlins start all their regulars in the 1st game of the series realizing the importance of this game and this series and Baker starts R. Martinez and T. Goodwin. You are AN ABSOLUTE IDIOT Baker. You just had an off day yesterday.....these are major league players, I think they can handle 2 games in a day...if you have to give them a day off, do it 7 days from now, NOT Today.

Blame Wood if you want, he's given up 1 run today in my opinion. Defense hurts him again. I'd like to say as long as we win the next 3, but we're not going to. More scrubs will play in the 2nd game and this team hasn't shown up for a BIG game all year.

My patience is just about run out....


At September 10, 2004 at 11:25 PM, Blogger James said...

Just to rub it in on Dusty more... He liberally distributed his scrub players through the two games, with no regard to the fact the Marlins were throwing out a rookie debut in game two.

Scrub out that game if you want to... if the Cubs bench can't beat a pitcher who started the year in A-ball, Cubs fans should just start checking out the weather in their favorite vacation spot in October.


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