Thursday, August 26, 2004

If they let me in charge....

So another Cubs blowout and I'm feeling better everyday, not to mention Sosa knocked one out to right which is always a good sign. Not much to report, Prior wasn't exceptionally sharp but got through 6 innings and apparently him and the Cubs heard my plea for a damn win for my fantasy team.

I was looking at the schedules and I really have no expectations or hope that the Cubs will beat out the Cards this year. I do hold out hope that we'll make up some ground and go cruising into the playoffs and cut the lead to 4 or 5 games. The Cards although not a difficult schedule do have to face the Padres for 6 and Dodgers for 6 more games, plus a bunch of games versus the Astros. I would love for them to struggle and play no better than .500 ball the rest of the way, (which still means close to a 100 wins..sickening). Hopefully the combo of Padres, Giants, Dodgers & Cards who will all meet each other (Cards & Giants are done with each other actually), will have the affect of beating up on each other, while the Cubs cruise through the patsies they have left (Pirates, Reds, Expos, Mets, Marlins, and the final series versus the Braves). This is what I wish for.....

win the Wild card around Sept. 27th at home versus the Reds, so we can get our pitching order in line (Wood, Zambrano, Clement, Prior or Maddux in that order)

still be withn 3-5 games of the Cards so they really can't rest their starters quite yet and start getting nervous about how they blew 8 games in the standings

- pray that B. Bonds and the Giants don't take over the division lead cause I don't want to see him in the playoffs

- somehow the Padres do win the division and I get tickets to go see the games at Petco (I'll take the Dodgers as well)

Okay make it happen Dusty and the Cubs.


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