Thursday, September 09, 2004

It never happened....

I'm going to pretend that last night's game didn't happen, it will help me cope with the rest of the season. Do it with me!!!

The Astros are losing the 1st game of a DH at the moment, although that could change soon. I've done everything I can to keep the season in perspective, one loss is one loss, it doesn't define a season, there's still time to put together that unfathomable hot streak, In Dusty we Trusty, control our own destiny, etc, etc. Well this weekend is it....3 out of 4, no less, I demand it. The Cubs need to play this series like it's the playoffs, no ifs, ands, or buts, this is your season whether you realize it or not. No one takes a day off, no wacky lineups, put out your best and play your best...NO F****** EXCUSES anymore. Your season is NOW!!!! has Wood and Prior going tomorrow. Wood has absolutely dominated the Marlins in his career(4-0 1.85 ERA) and he needs to do it again. The 'Good' Prior needs to come out and we need the sweep to start the series. Zambrano goes Saturday and Clement will probably miss Sunday's start which means we need another miracle performance from Rusch. It appears we'll miss Beckett, but a Pavano/Wood matchup to start the series should be fun, they throw a rookie named Kensing for the 2nd game and then D. Willis whose wacky motion is no longer covering up his mediocre stuff and then the recently injured A.J. Burnett on Sunday.

As I mentioned yesterday, barring a rainout the Cubs don't have an off day the rest of the season, so to all those Cubbies with nagging injuries, find the Advil, makes friends with the cortisone shot if you have to, smoke some pot if need be(for some reason Farnsworth strikes me as someone who could help you find some) and play, not only play, but play well. No more AB's for the scrubs to keep them fresh, no wacky lineups, no bullpen experiments, this is the your time Cubbies to not let down a nation of fans once again, it is in YOUR hands.


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