Thursday, September 02, 2004

A One-Run Win????

If we lost last night I may have not been able to come to work, but amazingly we pulled out a close game for once. Of course LaTroy had to make it a little closer. Kerry does his Jekyll/Hyde impression from very bad Friday to DAMN good yesterday and of course gets no run support.

That and Florida is under siege so we may not even have baseball this weekend.

I did forget to comment that the Cubs picked up Grieve and DeFelice in deadline deals. Grieve isn't very good but we needed a left-handed bat off the bench and you just have to assume Hollandsworth is done for the season sadly. Hope they can bring him back next year. DeFelice just gives us the option to pinch hit for Bako in the games he starts and will rarely see an at-bat. Both subtle but smart moves by Hendry.

And in other, much more amusing news, the Cards are THINKING of putting Ankiel on their postseason roster if Kline isn't healthy enough to return. OH PLEASE, Mr. LaRussa find a way to screw up your team. If I'm the other 25 guys on the Cards roster, I have to be thinking are you really willing to put any of our postseason games in the hands of one of the biggest nutcases to ever play this game. I can only hope......

Well that's it, I'm behind on my project at work and with the possibility of no baseball this weekend, blogging might be light until Monday. Best wishes to those in Florida as that hurricane looks huge...


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