Saturday, September 11, 2004


Got a chance and just sit down and watch the game which was to say the least nerve-wracking. Wasted opportunities early and then getting to a tough pen in the Marlins.


- Big win with Rusch vs. Burnett tomorrow, a win tomorrow would be huge but at least a loss wouldn't be catastrophic anymore.

- D. Lee swinging at that 3-1 pitch had the dogs(and wife) scurrying from the room. You know better Derek.

-Made up for it big time with that double, looked like Cabrera gave up on it though. He wasn't going to catch but I thought he could have saved it going to the wall. No matter though.

- I was near crazy when Neifi went up to pinch-hit in the 8th, but then remembered that Walker has been a very BAD pinch hitter for whatever reason and Perez did have a huge day yesterday, so not such a bad move and I calmed down when they called him safe at 2nd.

- Barrett bunting with 2 strikes was a little maddening, although trying to win it right there was the move to make. Try and get your run in the 8th and not go into extra innings.

- Baker must have got the memo that these games matter as he played it as a must win, dropping Sosa to 6th and all of his in-game moves.

-Hawkins ate his Wheaties...I believe that was a nine pitch, 3 K strikeout 9th inning...RARE and IMPRESSIVE!!

Knockout opportunity tomorrow.....


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