Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Never easy

I think it's safe to say that IF the Cubs make the postseason, it WILL NOT be easy. It's going to involve tie-breakers possibily and it's definitely going down to the last series versus the Braves. I figured out the rotation from here to the season end:

Pirates(2) - Clement, Wood
@Cincy (4) -Prior, Zambrano, Maddux. Clement
@Florida(2 - Doubleheader) - Wood, Rusch(I assume)
@Pirates(3) - Prior, Zambrano, Maddux
@Mets(3) - Clement, Wood, Prior
Cincy (4) - Zambrano, Maddux, Clement, Wood
Braves(3) - Prior, Zambrano, Maddux

This means the Maddux very well may have to beat his old team on the last day of the season and then we get to meet them 2 days later. It also conveniently works out that Wood is set-up to pitch a tie-breaker game or Game 1 of the NLDS which I like a lot.

Last night the Cubs did something they HAD to do and that's win on a day when the team ahead of them has an off-day. The Cubs in theory control their own destiny due to the fact they have to play 3 more games than the Giants. With 21 games left, I don't know how much that matters, but I DO KNOW winning on the days the Giants don't play is VITAL.

After this series against the Brewers, the Giants are left with the Padres, Dodgers & Astros. Hopefully all of them will beat up on each other as I've mentioned and no one gets hot. Here's a WC breakdown of contenders updated from last week:

Cubs 77-64 (21 games left & 3-3 since last post)
Home(41-32) 9 games left - Pirates (2), Reds(4) Braves(3)
Away(36-32) 12 games left - Reds(4), Marlins(2), Pirates(3), Mets(3)

Giants 79-65 (18 games left & 3-1 since last post).
Home(42-31) 9 games left - Astros (3), Padres(3), Dodgers(3)
Away(37-34) 9 games left - Brewers(3), Padres(3), Dodgers(3)
**Note** They miss B. Sheets unfortunately

Astros 78-66 (18 games left & 3-3 since last post).
Home(39-33) 9 games left - Brewers (3), Cardinals(3), Rockies(3)
Away(39-33) 9 games left - Brewers (3), Cardinals(3), Giants(3)
**Note** Go CARDS, go S. Estes - I've just sold my soul...

Marlins 75-65 (22 games left & 4-3 since last post).
Home(38-30) 12 games left - Expos (4), Braves(3), Phillies(3), Cubs (2)
Away(37-35) 10 games left - Braves(3), Phillies(4), Expos (3)
**Note** Last 10 games are on the Road

Phillies 74-70 (18 games left & didn't include them last week..WHOOPS!!).
Home(36-35) 10 games left - Expos (3), Pirates(3), Marlins(4)
Away(38-35) 8 games left - Reds(2), Marlins(3), Expos (3)
**Note** Bowa's desperate plea to save his job

Padres 77-67 (18 games left & 4-2 since last post).
Home(36-36) 9 games left - Dodgers (3), Giants(3), D'Backs(3)
Away(41-31) 9 games left - Dodgers(3), Giants(3), D'Backs(3)
**Note** There's no good reason for it, but this team worries me the most other than the Giants

hopeful that Clement is healthy today and R. Macowiak doesn't have any more kids....


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