Monday, September 20, 2004

Playoff race update

A little busy at work so just enough time to update the playoff race - I'm eliminating the Phillies (and probably the Marlins & Padres by next week) and adding the Dodgers:

Cubs 83-66 (13 games left & 6-2 since last post)
Home(43-32) 7 games left - Reds(4) Braves(3)
Away(40-34) 6 games left - Pirates(3), Mets(3)
**Note** Lost control of their own destiny today in terms of winning outright, still can match wins with the Giants for a tie.

Giants 84-66 (12 games left & 5-1 since last post).
Home(44-32) 6 games left - Astros (3), Dodgers(3)
Away(40-34) 6 games left - Padres(3), Dodgers(3)
**Note** They miss Clemens unfortunately but get Oswalt, as long as they don't sweep the Astros I won't get worried.

Astros 83-67 (12 games left & 5-1 since last post).
Home(42-33) 6 games left - Cardinals(3), Rockies(3)
Away(41-34) 6 games left - Brewers (3), Giants(3)
**Note** Still have to root for the Cards....This is PAINFUL!!!

Marlins 79-70 (13 games left & 4-5 since last post).
Home(42-35) 3 games left - Phillies(3)
Away(37-35) 10 games left - Braves(3), Phillies(4), Expos (3)
**Note** These fish are FRIED(the cheesy headlines are back)...Last 10 games are still on the Road

Padres 80-70 (12 games left & 3-3 since last post).
Home(36-36) 9 games left - Dodgers (3), Giants(3), D'Backs(3)
Away(44-33) 3 games left - D'Backs(3)
**Note** I'm no longer worried about them, losing half your infield will do that.

Dodgers 86-63 (13 games left)
Home (45-29) 6 games left - Rockies(4), Giants(3)
Away (41-34) 6 games left - Padres (3), Giants (3)
**Note** The injuries to the Padres might save this team, plus 4 games with the Rockies. If they win in the playoffs I'll be ABSOLUTELY amazed. Still wouldn't be surprised if the Cubs end up battling them for the WC spot.

Dodgers are 9-9 in September, Cubs 11-6, Giants 11-5, Astros 14-4.
Some seperation occurred last week as the Astros, Giants & Cubs look to be the last meaningful contenders(throw in the Dodgers if you like). 2 weeks of high intensity baseball.....this should be fun. Having a healthy Garciaparra would be extra nice. As usual GO CUBS!!!


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