Friday, September 17, 2004

Tonight's matchups....

Well tonight's a good day to gain some ground:

Atl vs. Flo
Byrd (3.34 ERA) vs. Kensing (15.00 ERA)

Mil vs. Hou
Sheets (2.83 ERA) vs. Oswalt (3.55 ERA)

Peavy (2.26 ERA) vs. Lowry (4.35 ERA)

Cubs vs Cincy
Zambrano (2.80 ERA) vs. Hudson (2.43 ERA - only 4 starts this year)

Mon vs. Phi
Armas (4.88 ERA) vs. Milton (4.87 ERA)

I'll even throw in the Dodgers as I'm sticking to my "I won't be surprised if we end up fighting the Dodgers as well for the WC spot" assertion:

LA vs Col
Nomo(7.73 ERA) vs. Wright (4.13 ERA)

Don't know what to say about last night's game, another one run victory though, it's becoming an epidemic. If we even out our record in those, we'll cruise to the Wild Card. A-Ram baby, thing of beauty.

Keep it going....


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