Friday, September 24, 2004

Just keep winnin'......

Just keep winnin'.....just keep winnin'.....just keep winnin'.
For some reason that phrase keeps going through my head evertime I think about the Cubs (and for those 'Finding Nemo' fans, just repeat that phrase like "Dory" does in the film replacing her swimming with winning, it's rather catchy)

The Padres didn't do us a favor last night, but the Astros did. This leaves us 1 game behind the Dodgers and a 1/2 game up on the Giants, 2 1/2 on the Astros, with the Padres barely holding on at 4 1/2 games. The Cubs once again hold their faith in their own hands, which is where you want to be with 10 games left. (well actually I'd rather be where the Cardinals are at this point)

Here's the playoff race update:
Cubs 86-66 (10 games left & 3-0 since last post)
Home(43-32) 7 games left - Reds(4) Braves(3)
Away(43-34) 3 games left - Mets(3)
**Note** - Just keep winnin', just keep winnin', just keep winnin' - I told you it's catchy

Giants 86-67 (9 games left & 2-1 since last post).
Home(46-33) 3 games left - Dodgers(3)
Away(40-34) 6 games left - Padres(3), Dodgers(3)
**Note** A little bullpen implosion helped the cause last night. I hate the Dodgers more, but not seeing Mr. Bonds in the playoffs can't be that bad.

Astros 84-69 (9 games left & 1-2 since last post).
Home(42-33) 6 games left - Cardinals(3), Rockies(3)
Away(42-36) 6 games left - Brewers (3)
**Note** "Go Cards!", he says painfully

Padres 82-71 (12 games left & 2-1 since last post).
Home(38-37) 6 games left - Giants(3), D'Backs(3)
Away(44-33) 3 games left - D'Backs(3)
**Note** They need to win their last 9 games and still hope for a Cubs/Dodgers/Giants collapse or some combo thereof.

Dodgers 87-65 (10 games left & 1-2 since last post)
Home (45-29) 6 games left - Rockies(4), Giants(3)
Away (42-36) 3 games left -Giants (3)
**Note** HUGE win for them last night, may have saved their postseason chances.

If I was a betting man at this moment, I'd take the Dodgers and Cubs, although counting against Mr. Bonds is tough.


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