Thursday, September 23, 2004

That's GOOD baseball...

So much to write about it.....

The Cubs take care of business and sweep the Pirates including last night's miraculous 1-0 Zambrano/Perez dual. Maybe one of the best games I've watched in a long time. 2 starters were dealing, great defense and the PLAY of the year by Sammy!!!! Maddux got his 15th win today and pitched mostly well (not to mention one of the great reactions when he gave up that 3rd run...pretty sure he didn't want that pitch there). That's 17 straight years with 15 or more wins.........impressive...MOST IMPRESSIVE!!!

A loss tonight by the Dodgers to the Padres (Ishii 4.75 ERA 85BB/83K's vs Wells(3.50 ERA 17BB/90K's) and the Cubs will be tied with Dodgers and either a half game up or down on the Giants). Can't imagine what Ishii's ERA would be if he didn't pitch half his games in Dodger Stadium. Poor Dodgers...

At the moment it's a 4 team race(barely) with 2 spots open. Dodgers, Giants, Cubs & Astros. Dodgers and Giants get to beat each other up for 6 games as well. The only way the Cubs don't make the playoffs at this point is if they BLOW it.

I have a few more thought provoking topics to write on including MLB's O-Zone, Ichiro, the fall of the Angels, the fall of my fantasy team and the awards race that I'll try and get to in the next couple of days.


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