Friday, September 24, 2004


Hopefully no letdown today against a team with a lame duck manager and a bunch of players not all that interested in baseball at the moment. Last city in our 12 game, 4 city road trip......ignore the night life fellas!!!

Some numbers:
OBP: Cubs - 11th, Mets -14th
SLG: Cubs -1st, Mets - 11th
BA: Cubs - 4th, Mets -15th
Runs Scored: Cubs - 7th, Mets - 12th

K/BB: Cubs-2nd, Mets- 15th
ERA: Cubs -3rd, Mets-8th
HR Allowed: Cubs - 5th, Mets -3rd

Rusch vs. Benson(4.44 ERA 57BB/121K)
Prior vs Heilman (4.86 ERA in 3 games and 8BB/12K)
Wood vs. Leiter (3.19 ERA which is 2.45 at home, 90BB/106K - can we all say lucky?)

Once again a team/ballpark that doesn't give up a lot of homers, to our homer happy Cubs. We did survive Pitt though with only 1 homer from Ramirez the whole series.

Keep up the magic...cubbies. "Just keep winnin'.....just keep winnin'....just keep winnin'"


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