Friday, October 08, 2004

Playoff notes edition

- I told you all about the Angels and their defense.... Okay well I didn't expect them to be that bad.

- OBP and patience are great and all but WOW does it make for boring baseball. Game 2 of the Angels/Red Sox was a 4 hour marathon of nothing but people LOB and 3-2 counts with lots of foul pitches. Yuck!!!

- Not finding stats for stuff can suck sometimes. Apparently the Yankees lead the league (and set a MLB record) with 61 come from behind wins this year. I suppose I'll stick to my original picks but if I had to do it over, I'd go Yankees over Twins in 5, Red Sox over Yankees in 7, and Red Sox over Astros in 6. Yes the curse is over and the Cubs can stop making excuses now.

- Garner's move to bring in Lidge in the 7th is the kind of stuff I love to see. Sadly it didn't work out for them in the 8th so he'll get roasted for it. But anytime a manager is willing to screw conventional baseball in the playoffs at least I know they get it. Playoff baseball is MUCH different than regular season baseball. The normal rules do not apply.

-Then there's Gardenhire who left Nathan out for 3 innings plus. No problem with that until he walks Cairo. Time to go get him. Loss of control generally means you're tiring. Bet that was a fun plane ride home.

-Then there's Scioscia....who all season has lived with the #1 bullpen in the league without any lefties in the whole pen. So he has Frankie Rodriguez who's into his 3rd inning and has just struck out Manny Ramirez for the 2nd time in the game. So what does he do? Puts in Washburn to face the lefty Ortiz, who promptly puts the 1st pitch into the Green Monster seats. I have no problem with the unconventional thinking of bringing in a starting pitcher, I have an issue when that pitcher is Washburn who pretty much sucks. That was a stupid move and although I can't prove it, as soon as he motioned to the pen, I knew it was a mistake.


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