Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Schedule Release

We're in a good 2-3 week stretch of boringness when it comes to baseball, there's the World Series but since the Cards are in it, I just can't bring myself to care, then we get awards the next few weeks and the commissioner office wants teams to keep the news slow, so as not to take away from these events. Not to mention most teams won't sign anyone until after December 7th(the deadline for offering arbitration) to see if they are going to cost them a draft pick. In the meantime the Cubs released their 2005 schedule today and it begins April 4th in Arizona. Good news for me as I may be able to make a trip out there. Other notable games:

Home Opener April 8th versus Milwaukee Brewers

Host Toronto June 6-8
Host Boston June 10-12
Host White Sox May 20-22
At New York Yankees June 17-19
At Comiskey June 24-26

They finish the season against the Astros on back-to back weekends and their last game versus St. Louis this year is Sept. 18th. That's much better than this year's craziness when we were done with St. Louis I think by July, the Astros by August and played the Brewers 40 times in something like 38 days.

UPDATE: Here's the link to a calendar of the tentative schedule


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