Thursday, October 21, 2004


The Cubs dream this off-season is to get Carlos Beltran which would mean a big jump in payroll probably, one which the Tribune probably won't be approving anytime soon. Not to mention the mess that bringing in a high priced center fielder will cause, as in messing with the minds of Sosa and C-Pat. (Sosa knows he'll be shown the door and C-Pat will have to move positions).

Now I certainly don't think Beltran is worth the $20 million figure that people are throwing around, but evertime I see him in the playoffs, I think he may just get it. Read this article by Eric Neel if you'd like as well. Anyway here's my take.

Possible Suitors
-Yankees $170+ million ALREADY committed in salary next year and they need 2 starting pitchers....just depends how crazy George goes this off-season. My prediction for a Yankees team next year: (Payroll close to $250)

1b - Delgado
2b - Garciaparra (or Kent)
3b - A-Rod
SS - Jeter
LF - Matsui
CF - Beltran
RF - Sheffield
DH - Giambi

SP - Pedro, Brown, Vasquez, Mussina, Milton
RP - Whoever they have now plus Steve Kline

In honesty I think they'll stay out of the Beltran sweepstakes, unless they are positive Giambi can play 1B and they can move Bernie to DH. Eric Milton is someone they need unless they can talk the D'Backs out of the Big Unit but they couldn't do it at the trade deadline, so I don't see why they could now. That still leaves them with a starting pitcher slot open and they are in desperate need of an ace on that staff. Sad thing is whatever George decides sets the market for the rest of the league.

Word from their camp is Erstad is staying put at 1B (bad move), Jose Guillen is getting traded (check in on that one Hendry), Anderson's moving back to LF. Guess what means, they have a CF position open and Arte isn't afraid to spend. What they really need is starting pitching, so I expect them to make a move for Pedro Martinez.

Now what they SHOULD do, is move Darin to CF, Anderson to LF, trade Guillen (to the Cubs) and let Kotchman and McPherson play first and third(letting Glaus go) and go after 2 starting pitchers(or at least one and wait for Jared Weaver in 2006). If they sign Beltran, I'll never hear the end of it next year from the AngelFan wife.

If they don't decide to go to complete rebuild mode, they probably have the money to make the deal. They worry me....

No idea what their financial situation is but Wade is willing to pull the trigger on these things and they need a CF.

Beltran hopefully is overpricing himself for the Astros. Kent will be gone next year(they have a 2B prospect I believe) and Berkman is in line for a huge deal. They'll definitely be making a pitch though.

Don't know their financial situation as well, but they could certainly use him.

I know Brian Sabean cherishes guys who play both sides of the diamond (offense and defense), so he's definitely someone they will covet. Once again finances may get in the way though.

Hendry has already said he's interested. Beltran put up huge numbers in Wrigley so he should be interested. Backload his contract for when Sosa comes off the books and we may have a chance. Plus Hendry is one of the few not intimidated by uber-agent Scott Boras. Read all above about finances.


At October 21, 2004 at 11:33 PM, Blogger dave said...

Angles are supposedly going to try and cut payroll. I cannot see Beltran deciding to play for Seattle, or Seattle offering enough money to convince him to play for a bad team. Dodgers' financial situation is tight too. We will see what happens with Milton Bradley and Steve Finley. I see Finly going back to AZ, but who knows.

I think you are also leaving out a couple of teams: Mets and Orioles.

The Orioles showed last winter that they are willing to spend. I believe that Palmeiro will be off the books. They need pitching, but there is not a lot of pitching available.

The Mets are also willing to spend. And they like to go after big names. I could see it happening.

If I were the Yankees, I would not sign Beltran. They obviously do not need offense. They need starting pitching. But Steinbrenner goes after everyone he wants, whether they need them or not (see: A-Rod).

I think the top three in the Beltran running are Houston, NYY, and the Cubs. And maybe that is wishful thinking. But I think the Cubs have a good chance!

At October 21, 2004 at 11:44 PM, Blogger Baronofbeef said...

You don't want A Rod. He's the NEW CURSE OF THE MILLENIUM! Look at the performance of the last teams he was on. Seattle sucked, the Texas Rangers purged him and look what happed to them. God Bless my beloved Tigers next year!

At October 22, 2004 at 4:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A-Rod, a curse?

His contract was huge, but so were the numbers he put up. Consider what they paid A-Rod and the return on that investment, then consider what they paid Rusty Greer (hasn't he been on the DL since the 80's?), Jeff Zimmerman, Chan Ho Park and assorted other drek with no business on a major league roster and the return on those investments.

Bottom line, their hands were tied by a series of disastrous contracts for which A-Rod's large contract provided very convenient cover.

At October 22, 2004 at 5:17 PM, Blogger RobG said...

I left Orioles and Mets out cause the Orioles should concentrate on Starting pitching and I'm assuming Angelos will use the DC team as an excuse not to spend big bucks.

And don't the Mets have Cameron? I suppose he's tradeable.


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