Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Yankee Wish List

The stupidity has already started, where so-called journalists concoct the craziest rumors based off nothing more than what will sell a paper or get them readers. Once again we'll be subjected to who the Yankees may acquire this offseason cause they didn't win it all. Apparently when you're the Yankees you can just pick and choose who you want, tell a team this is who you're getting and then sign over a check. Well folks, it isn't happening anymore, if it ever did?

The Yanks have NOTHING but their money now, no prospects, no tradeable players, NOTHING. All they can hope for are to sign some free agents and with the rules of free agency, that means only 2 at most top level free agents.

Matsui, Rivera and Vasquez are their ONLY tradeable commodities and Vasquez is the only one going anywhere, if the Yanks eat most of his contract. The article I linked up says the Yankees should go after Tim Hudson over Randy Johnson or Pedro Martinez. Of course they should go after Tim Hudson, then Johan Santana, then Mark Prior, and then Roy Oswalt. But they're not going to get him, cause they have NOTHING to offer, to anyone. No 3 way deal, no 4 way deal, nothing!!!!

The only Yankee who will get traded this off-season is Vasquez and I'll be surprised if it lands them anyone substantial, the only way their starting staff gets better next year will be through free agency.


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