Saturday, October 30, 2004

Carlos Beltran Update

WARNING...The AngelFan wife has taken over my blog.

I live in L.A., for those who don't know, and this little tidbit was on the front of the sports page.

The Angels plan to cut ties with Troy Glaus and pursue Carlos Beltran.

And you all thought I was crazy when I wrote this. With Appier, Glaus, Percival, Sele leaving and the probability of declining Russ Ortiz's option the Angels will lose $41.5 million off their books next year, not to mention another $3 million when they trade Jose Guillen away. Throw in a bunch of extra revenue from 2 playoff games and a new attendence record and I think the Angels won't be cutting all that much payroll as people think. The paper also says their biggest priorities this offseason are starting pitching and center field. (For those unaware, they're moving Garrett Anderon back to LF, keeping Erstad at first base and inserting Dallas McPherson at 3B). They also will probably make a run at Pedro Martinez.

Next year's lineup possibility:
DH (Combo Davanon, Quinlan, Kotchman or a signee)

You could move Erstad to the leadoff spot and drop Eckstein to 8th, also Figgins will be super-subbing again, probably starting at 2B until Kennedy recovers from his knee injury.

If that happens and they sign Pedro,(starting staff of Pedro, Colon, Escobar, Lackey & Washburn), the Angelfan wife may have bragging rights for the longest time. Yuck!!!

Cutting ties with Glaus although unexpected means their is another marquee free agent out there, one who will end up being a much better signing than the supposed third base trophy that is Adrian Beltre. Mark my words, Troy Glaus's next 5 years will be better than Adrian Beltre's. (Not accounting for one can predict those unless it involves Ken Griffey's hamstrings)


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